Meet our Maths Specialists

Wee Xin Yi
Founder, AuthorXin Yi has more than 11 years of experience teaching Mathematics.
Xin Yi scored straight As for all her Mathematics papers in school, and it is
no surprise that she is a firm believer of discipline and consistent
. Her passion and no-nonsense style of coaching have helped
students achieve breakthroughs in their results.

Some of her powerful strategies can be found in her book “Simultaneous
Equations in PSLE Math”, available at major bookstores, which also makes
her one of the youngest book writers in Singapore.

Hanzel Chua
Founder, Best Grade Transformer

Young and energetic, Hanzel has a track record of achieving what may seem
impossible to both parents and students. Her feats include a 29-mark leap
in less than 3 months, and a 26-mark jump in less than 2 months
. It is
no wonder that students who have NEVER passed their Mathematics flock to
Hanzel for hope and guidance.

With the ability to understand, and connect with every child, Hanzel is also
excellent with classroom management
. There is never an unsure
moment in Hanzel’s classes as her students know when to work hard
and smart, and when to have fun!