Thank you very much for your patience and guidance. Especially for topics like Ratio, Percentage and Fractions. With your strategies that are easy to understand, I improved from 28 to 65 marks! Even my school teacher is surprised and congratulated me!!

Ryan Lim
Pei Hwa Presbyterian, P6 2012


I have learnt to break tough questions into simple parts, and have improved from E8 to A1.

Zachary Lim
Ahmad Ibrahim Sec Sch, Sec 2 2014

I improved by 29 marks and got a 83 for my SA2! I also enjoy my lessons very much.”

Ashley Sim
CHIJ OLGC, P5 2013

Thanks for the guidance you have given Amir. I am very happy that from F9 grade Amir has achieved B3 for his A-Math!

Mom of Amir Bin Mohamed Noor
St Andrews Sec, Sec 4 2014

Even after trying out a number of tutors, our son still didn’t score as well. It was less than 6 weeks to SA2 when Benjamin started lessons at The Right Equation and he scored 64.5% in his SA2 from a 28% in CA2.

Mr & Mrs Aw
Parents of Benjamin Aw, SJI Junior, P5 2013

The improvement in Berwin’s Maths result was fast and impactful. From a F to B during mid year and finally an A in his PSLE.

Mother of Berwin Ng
NYPS, P6 2012

Our Achievement




Enrolment Grade Achievement
Nge Yao Khai 2014 B A*
Lee Titus 2014 B A*
Wong Tricia Mae 2014 B A*
Lim Ryan 2014 A A*
Neo Kimi 2014 A A*
Tan Jun Yi 2014 A* A*
Ong Nikita 2014 A* A*
Ho Faith 2014 A A*
Lee Jordan 2014 A A*
Wong Shaun 2014 A A*
Chong Kar Hee 2014 A* A*
Aw Benjamin 2014 D A
Koh Kelven 2014 D A
Teng Wye Yin 2014 C A
Sim Ashley 2014 C A
Choo Aderic 2014 C A
Lam Ethan 2014 B A
Cheong Ivan 2014 B A
Tay Tiffany 2014 B A
Tay Xavier 2014 B A
Ho Edmund 2014 A A
Loh Amelia 2014 B A
Wong Cleavon 2014 B A
Goh Song Heng 2014 B A
Tang Kendall 2014 A A
Teo Megan 2014 C A
Kwok Phoebe 2014 D B
Low Clarisse 2014 D B
Loke Faith 2014 D B
Teo Lian Mao 2014 D B
Amir Bin M. Noor 2014 F B
Nur Afeeq 2014 E C
Yeo Kyran 2014 D C
Hui Min Tong 2014 D C
Or Ilysa 2013 A A*
Lim Ryan 2013 B A*
Ang Ming Hui 2013 F A
Ang Shenlyn 2013 E A
Sim Ashley 2013 C A
Teh Andrena 2013 C A
Wong Joan 2013 C A
Heng Gerald 2013 C A
Chong Megan 2013 B A
Luke Leonard 2013 B A
Thoong En Tong 2013 F B
Neo Emma 2012 B A*
Lye Joanne 2012 B A*
Thng San San 2012 A A*
Low Alasdair 2012 A A*
Ng Berwin 2012 E A
Hu Andrea 2012 D A
Lim Alicia 2012 D A
Tan Dickson 2012 C A
Lee Caleb 2012 C A
Tan Shanese 2012 C A
Chong Marcus 2012 C A
Tan Chelsea 2012 B A
Chew Yng Kit 2012 B A
Lee Shi Kang 2012 C B
Low Brien 2012 C B
Thoong En Tong 2012 U C
Cheong Zachary 2012 D A
Leong Claire 2012 E C
Yu Han Shang 2012 E B
Cheng Kai Yee 2012 A A*
Lim Merylene 2012 C A
Cheong Ivan 2012 B A
Hooi Alex 2012 C A
Ong Tabitha 2011 A A*
Toh Aaron 2011 A A*
Tarn Yao Ju 2011 B A*
Teo Andrew 2011 A A*
Tan Elis 2011 A A*
Mark Zhi Wei 2011 A A*
Foong Kevin 2011 A A*
Ling Clarine 2011 A A*
Chin Clarabelle 2011 B A
Loh Brendan 2011 B A
Jansen Breanda 2011 B A
Mah Rebecca 2011 B A
Ng Sophie 2011 B A
Tan Ryan 2011 B A
Goh Karlyn 2011 B A
Teo Lynette 2011 B A
Er Walter 2011 B A
Chan Keith 2011 B A
Loke Nichole 2011 C A
Tan Yu Heng 2011 B A
Chan Tai Chen 2011 B A
Mock Teck Sng 2011 B A
Png Abigail 2011 B A
Tjiu Natasha 2011 B A
Ong Kennis 2011 C A
Zhuo Megan 2011 C B
Wee Noel 2011 D A
Eu Tung Kwai 2010 B A*
Lee Jin Rui 2010 B A*
Wu Nico 2010 B A*
Ho Lynn 2010 B A*
Tan Adeline 2010 B A*
Maryann Jamiylah 2010 A A*
Hickling Kirby 2010 A A*
Paul Davina 2010 A A*
Cheong Gabrielle 2010 A A*
K.V. Sreshya 2010 A A*
Phua Jun Han 2010 A A*
Ho Vanessa 2010 A A*
Aruf Umar 2010 C A
Ang Wei Jun 2010 C A
Tay Priscilla 2010 C A
Choong Kevin 2010 B A
Ajith Danesh 2010 B A
Mok Eunice 2010 B A
Tan Keith 2010 B A
Chung Amanda 2010 B A
Kho Caleb 2010 B A
Choy Eugenia 2010 B A
Tan Genevieve 2010 B A
Wong Yan Xiang 2010 B A
Lee Isabellius 2010 B A
Cheng Yui Seeng 2010 B A
Tan Ysabella 2010 B A
Lim Ryan 2010 B A
Tan Christopher 2010 B A
Teo Xi Hui 2010 B A
Ho Michelle 2010 B A
Ang Ryan Alwi 2010 B A
Koh Sharon 2010 B A